It was clear that, sooner or later, I should have used the system I designed for my installation DIVE as a musical instrument.
Packed as a projection screen, it basically is a rack of oscillators, with as many speakers as oscillators...
a sort of additive synthesis synth controlled by ligh, an instrument you play projecting determined animations and shapes.

But, that's not all.

Let's say we're projecting a white dot on a black background: even if you're standing in front of the screen with your eyes closed, you could tell where the dot is located and if it's bright (high pitch) or dark (low pitch).
The sound produced by this machine can so be intended as an information about the image!

Hence, the concept and title of this work: DATA.
This suited very well for this project, because the sound produced by the screen's oscillators (square waves and clicks, waveforms having only two values of amplitude) reminded me the binary code: a language where everything consists of just two digits, 0 and 1.

The composition evolves around the "click" (which was recorded connecting one of the oscillators directly to an audio interface), transforming it into pure tones, then chords, rhythms, noises...
It's the expansion, the exploration of an instant, the datum.

Video emphasizes this concept.
I chose to use only black and white as colors, and squares (the Subdivided) and lines (the Subdivider) as only graphical elements.
You'll see also Soundwave's, yes, I didn't forget to mention. Soundwaves are the connection between two senses, because they trigger a particular process.
Given that the screen's sound output depends on the image, and the soundwave's shape depends on the screen's sound, what you'll see and what you'll hear is the result of a synaesthetic feedback loop.

What you're seeing here is the output of the animation's program (written with Processing), along with the composition and the sound of the screen (recorded using two Neumann KM184).
Graphics are in part triggered by MIDI clips, and generated and manipulated in real time.

If you'd like to investigate more about this work, feel free to take a look at the documentation I wrote for my thesis (ITA - soon there will be an ENG version).
Sounding screen Recordings DATA - frame 1 DATA - frame 2 DATA - frame 3 DATA - frame 4 DATA - frame 5 DATA - frame 6 DATA - frame 7
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