This is my first arduino project.
It's based on the Arduino Guitar Pedal instructable by randofo.

It offers up to 6 programmable effects, and delivers a crazy lo-fi sound.
Controls (from left) are: WET volume, DRY volume, PARAMETER intensity (for each effect you can choose which parameter to modify), and a rotary switch to cange FX.
It has true bypass, and can be powered by usb or 9V battery (no 9V AC... sadly!).

Check the video to hear how it sounds: the first part is a test with an oscillator (just sinewave-pure tone), in the second part i'm jamming with the guitar.
At the end I explore some glitches it produces by itself when cranked.

If you like it and you're willing to Do It Yourself, I suggest you to read the following implementations of the randofo's instructable (there are missing and/or wrong informations):

-->First: here's the right PARTS LIST. Note: a UNO Rev3 board with AtMega328 (or compatible) is required. Don't mess up unsuccessfully with other boards.
I suggest to order (except for the Arduino) from Tayda Electronics. It offers cheap worldwide electronics shippings.

-->Schematic has a few mistakes. I didn't made a new one, but I found a correct stripboard layout.

-->This layout btw misses a few connections to get the whole thing to work. Check this image for the wiring.

-->Randofo opted for a DPDT (not true bypass) switch. I used and recommend 3PDT true bypass switching. Just to remind here's a very clear 3PDT wiring diagram.

-->The code can be uploaded to the board only with Old Versions of the Arduino software: the 0020 or 0021.
Given that I was still unable to upload the code with my '14 MBPr (maybe due to usb3 vs arduino?). With older Macs went all fine. This is the original randofo's code. In the video here you're hearing a sligtly tweaked version.

Hope this advices will save you hours of debug.
If you have further questions, or you're interested in having one, feel free to contact me.
Stripboard Layout Wiring Layout 3PDT Wiring Layout Testing fine tuning Open view Circuit view Crushino Crushino Crushino
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