Giacomo Bisaro during the shooting of Cosmogonia
My name is Giacomo Bisaro, I'm a freelance videomaker, but also a composer and sound designer from Pordenone, a town in the north-east of Italy.

I've played with guitars and cameras since i was a kid, but I mastered my skills studying amusic and new technologies and working as a videomaker.

In my artistic research, i covered many roles producing sound and video.

I'm an electronic music composer and sound designer, so i make beats, but also experimental pieces and movie scores.

As a visual artist, I shot, produce music videos, graphic animations, short movies.

I've also, alone and in a team, developed various interactive installations, taking part both in the design and realization.

In almost all of my works, you will also hear/see the result of my craftsmanship and coding. Part of my instruments are handmade and many Visions are code-generated.

I produce sounds and visions under the name of No-oN.
This alias can be read and pronounced in many ways, it has not a unique meaning.
It is more a way to identify a point of view, or many point of views.
The term No-oN can be the presence of the opposites { [ No ] , [ oN ] }, the time in the middle { noon }, is { noon(e) }...

For a complete Resume (and recent activity), check the "WHATS UP? - and what happened?" section.

Here you can find my curriculum: ITA | ENG.
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